Since late 2007 a networking website for friends of Paramānanda Mission – – was hosted on Starting July 20th 2010, Ning is charging a fee for the service which was previously free. It has not been possible for me to pay for it, and I have therefore moved the network to a free service at (previously 

The new URL is If you have an old member account on Ning, please log in to the new member profile using the same e-mail address you used for the old Ning-account. IMPORTANT: Log in instructions has been sent through e-mail. Please log in and change your password as soon as possible. 

Some of the old information has been transferred from your old profile to your new profile, but unfortunately not the pictures. If you by any chance don’t have your pictures stored, please send me an e-mail and I can send it to you so that you can upload it again if you like. 

The network may be a ‘portal’ for people who knew Swāmi Paramānanda Mahārāj, or who are interested, or involved, in the work of the Paramānanda Mission; for people who wish to contribute to the Orphans, or who are interested in yoga and spirituality, art of life, art of living.

Best wishes from 

Ravel Śāśwata Petershagen, 
website administratorhttp://paramananda.ning.com
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